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It started with an artist from District Six Township in Cape Town and a Seamstress daughter who had a flair for design. The journey of life steered the artist into dentistry and the young woman into Montessori education. It was at this junction that their lives met and they ventured abroad to Australia, the land of opportunity where DUX was created. DUX not only holds onto the promise of creating excellent quality beeswax candles, glassware and body products, but also onto the prospect of what life can bring when pursuing your dreams.
Our incentive is to capture everyday experiences into beautiful, quality, functional pieces of art that would stand the test of time without putting our health or that of the environment at risk. In our modern society people are conscious of cost however the emphasis is on quality and making what you buy count. It is therefore our endeavour at DUX to satisfy our patrons beyond measure with unparalleled quality products so that they would journey with us for generations to come.
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