Awakening Candle - Lemongrass & Citrus


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Fragrance Notes 

Lemongrass, citrus, aniseed and lily of the valley.

Fragrance Inspiration 

It is a cold misty morning, the air is cool against your skin, the sun is slowly beginning to shine through a patchwork of grey clouds displaying a silver lining. You have just passed the endless rows of lime and over-ripened orange trees when you stroll along the lemongrass fields. The dew is still fresh on its long flowing leaves. The sweet aroma of the lemongrass penetrates your nostrils awakening you to the blessings of a new day.



Our hand cut glass candles are made in the Rocks, Sydney Australia, using the highest quality Soy wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks. 

To get the most out of your candle burn it until the the entire surface is melted for 1-2 hours at a time.  Please remember to trim the wick to 6mm before relighting.  Be sure to read our Candle Guide before use for the best performance of your DUX Collection candle.

Large approx. 55-60 hrs burn time
Medium approx. 45-50 hrs burn time
Small approx. 18-20 hrs burn time

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