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Deluxe Men's Gift Hamper


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This Deluxe Hamper for men is guaranteed to make him feel on top of the world. Our Deluxe Hamper is great for guys who need to relax and feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. A time for them to enjoy some natural DUX Products that will boost their mood. Our Deluxe Men's Hamper is packed with our favourite DUX Products that will help keep him feeling calm and relaxed.

Deluxe Hamper Includes:
- Sea Mist Soy Candle (100g)
- Aftershave Balm (50ml)
- Shaving Soap (100g)
- Shower Steamer (45g)
- Shower Drops (6ml)
- Recharge Pillow Spray (50ml)
- Bath Salts (40g)
- Comp. Chocolate Treat

Premium Hamper Includes:
- Sea Mist Soy Candle (100g)
- Aftershave Balm (50ml)
- Shower Steamer (45g)
- Recharge Pillow Spray (50ml)
- Comp. Chocolate Treat 
Soy Wax Candle Sea Mist 100g

Driftwood – Clove – Lemon - Kelp - Sea salt - Musk. DUX Collection candles are hand made in Sydney with 100% natural soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. Sea Mist is a fresh clean smell which can transport you to a time when you are walking along the shoreline allowing the cool sand beneath your feet to be caressed by the churning waves that are wrapped in kelp, sea salt and driftwood. The spicy notes of clove is highlighted by the fresh note of lemon, while the powdery note of musk adds balance to this refreshing fragrance, perfect for the candle lover.

Aftershave Balm 50ml
Rich in moisture, our Aftershave Balm is the perfect addition to your shaving routine. Our Aftershave Balm is hand made with 14 natural 0il ingredients, providing a soothing effect through the Witch Hazel and Menthol as well as nourishing and softening of the skin, that makes it ideal for all skin types. It contains Pure Essential Oils, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E allowing you to experience its benefits when used liberally on your skin leaving it deeply moisturised, well hydrated, feeling silky smooth and fresh after your shave. 

Lavender Bath Salts 40g
Our bath salts are infused with 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oils. The Lavender pure essential oils will promote emotional stability and soothe aches. The blend of Dead Sea salt and Epsom salts treat tired muscles and delivers rejuvenating minerals to the skin.  With luxurious dried lavender our relaxing bath salt blend will take your self care time to the next level of relaxation. No additional fragrance added.

Essential oil Shower Steamer (Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Cedarwood)  45g
Turn your shower into a  3 minute spa experience with DUX Collection shower steamers.  DUX shower steamers are power loaded with 100% pure Eucalyptus, Menthol and Peppermint  essential oils that work amazingly to clear the head and sinuses.  Simply place your steamer on the side of the shower floor.   The steamer needs to get wet to be activated, but not drenched to avoid rapid fizzing. As soon as the water stream touches it, the streamer will release the essential oils in the air for you to breath and feel refreshed.  For those who lead very busy lives the shower steamer becomes a wonderful way to start the day leaving one to feel revitalised and energised

Shaving Soap 100g 

DUX Collection’s Handmade Shaving Soap is a glycerin-based soap that produces a consistently rich, thick lather and fragranced with Neroli, Tobacco and Sandalwood Pure Essential oils. This bar of soap is perfect for both daily wet shaving and daily facial cleansing leaving the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It is recommended to complete this routine with the DUX Collection Aftershave balm which is included in the Father’s Day Pack. 

Pure Essential Oil Shower drops 6ml
Our Shower drops is made of 100% Pure Tea Tree Lemon and Lemongrass Essential Oils that can instantly elevate your mood by adding a few drops to the floor of the shower. To achieve this wonderful rejuvenating feeling, turn on the hot water to activate the spa blend of the pure essentials and let the revitalising fragrant steam rise to the air.  Shower drops are perfect for the time when you need a quick pick me up.  The blend of tea tree lemon and lemongrass essential oils are relaxing and wonderful for soothing stress, minor aches and producing remarkable feelings of upliftment. 

Pure Essential oil Pillow Spray 50ml
Our 100% Pure Essential oil Recharge Pillow Spray is a well rounded blend that will recharge your body and mind, by using patchouli to assist in reducing anxiety, sweet orange to promote feelings of happiness and lemon to provide refreshment. The Recharge Essential oil blend of Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Vitiver, 
Bergamot is a perfect in uplifting the body and mind. This blend of handcrafted pillow spray can assist in taking one to a comfortable place making sleep come easy.  A light spray on the pillow before bed and a few squirts in the air shifts the mind from the day's activity to something peaceful as one focusses attention to the blend of essential oil notes as it wafts into the air.  Many have found this to be a beautiful way to ground oneself at the end of the day before drifting off to sleep.

A complimentary chocolate surprise treat
Each kit will contain a complimentary chocolate surprise treat. A little something to enjoy on your special day.

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