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Relax Hand & Body Wash


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Fragrance Inspiration 

Rich in moisture, our Hand & Body Wash is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Our Hand & Body Wash is hand made with essential oils, providing a soothing effect as well as nourishing and softening of the skin, that makes it ideal for all skin types. It contains Pure Essential Oils, Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil allowing you to experience its benefits when used on your skin leaving it deeply moisturised, well hydrated, feeling silky smooth and beautifully fragranced. 

Fragrance Notes

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Sweet Orange (Citrus X sinensis) and Lemon (Citrus × limon).


Our hand made Hand & Body Washs are made in Sydney, Australia using the highest quality ingredients. Our Hand & Body Lotions are not tested on animals, free from Parabens, PEGS, Sulfates and Synthetic Dyes.