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My Favourite Place - Tuberose & Ylang Ylang


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Fragrance Notes

Tuberose, logan berry, lavender and ylang ylang. 

Fragrance Inspiration 

The sun rays dances happily through the tree branches in the rain forest garden while the wind gently caress your cheeks as wisps of hair fall tenderly over your face. Your dangling feet feels refreshed as they frolic in the crystal clear stream that runs peacefully alongside the cluster of ylang ylang. The fish move playfully between your toes placing kisses on your skin. The mid-morning's breeze carries down the sweet aroma of tuberose, lavender and logan berry which surrounds the majestic garden above. Mesmerised by the tranquility of the moment you dive into the pristine waters washing all your cares away while kookaburras chatter amongst themselves as you float gazing at the fluffy clouds cuddling the piercing blue sky feeling completely at peace.


Our hand cut glass Reed Diffusers are hand blended in the Rocks, Sydney Australia, using premium blended fragrance oils that are alcohol free, providing a long lasting fragrance.