Warming the soul and calming the mind with Pure Essential Oils. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether you are looking to relax and destress or you prefer an energising scent to help start your day, consider the Dux Collection range of pure essential oils to help you achieve your ideal state. Derived from the finest quality ingredients, our essential oil blends are designed to aid you in your journey with soft and natural scents. Whether it’s energy, joy, peace or relaxed breathing you are hoping to achieve, allow Dux Collection to lead you on your journey with some of the finest pure essential oils in Australia.

Essential oil blends working in complete harmony

The talented aromatherapist team at Dux Collection have worked to bring together some of the more traditional scents in our range. The result? A collection of essential oil blends that can help to provide you with the perfect level of balance. Be it a meditation session or taking a relaxing bath, our essential oil blends are a fantastic way to help you achieve that calm sense of self.

The finest natural ingredients

At Dux Collection, we pride ourselves on only using the finest natural ingredients in our pure essential oils. From lavender to frankincense, ylang-ylang and cardamom, there is no greater selection of pure essential oils in Australia for you to choose from. Browse our collection online to find the ideal essential oil blends for you.

If you are simply looking for a signature scent for your home or business, or you are seeking the right essential oil blends to further your relaxation, our collection of pure essential oils are the right choice for you. The fresh and natural fragrances available in our range will surprise and delight your senses in the best possible ways, creating fragrant surroundings that your family and friends can all enjoy together.