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The DUX reputation for unrivalled quality is founded on old-fashioned chandler methods in the making of candles, soaps and body products, with a strong emphasis on natural premium quality ingredients.  This is enhanced by the addition of essential oils, which are able to pass through cell membranes and function at a cellular level, uplifting the body and mind.

The oils used in their products undergo a full material assessment by skilled scientists to ensure their purity and quality. Sourcing from reputable farmers, sustainable growers and certified suppliers who are assessed on their trading history, extraction and maintenance systems, as well as their environmental sustainability are of supreme importance to DUX. Great focus is placed on ethical and sustainable business partnerships to ensure a positive impact is shared by both the communities from which items are sourced and the wider environment. 

Showcasing Australian raw materials where possible in their products is a constant priority and aspiration.

No animal testing is performed.