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Discover the DUX collection White Ceramic Glassware soy candles, designed to capture the beauty of Australia and transport you to beautiful moments in time while providing an uplifting freshness throughout your home. The DUX White Ceramic soy candle, featuring Australian botanical leaves and flowers, is the perfect addition to a minimalist interior design. 

The DUX reputation for unrivalled quality is founded on old-fashioned chandler methods in making our soy candles, emphasising natural and premium-quality ingredients. 

Create a tranquil oasis at home

Perfect for neutralising the smells of your kitchen and hitting the refresh button, our herbaceous scented soy candles are peacefully cleansing. Take a journey through the herb garden and experience the calming smell of basil, olive leaf and time, along with the spritely zest of mandarin and lime. Create a sense of tranquillity in the bedroom and living room with softer notes of lavender and chamomile, and gently drift to sleep in splendid calmness.

Transport yourself to exotic locations

Our exotic soy candles are designed to transport you to treasured memories of holidays past and allow your imagination to take you to beautiful seaside and country locations. Alluring scents like lily, bergamot and white musk will take you to countryside walks in spring, while notes of coconut, lime and pineapple will fill your home with the warming scents of tropical summers by the beach. For a truly unique experience, our Australian bush scented soy candles include vivid notes of native eucalyptus and crisp pine that uplift your bedroom and living spaces. 

The DUX Collection story

Formed by Arlene Nolly, DUX Collection was born out of a desire to create all-natural and non-toxic products that her unwell daughter could enjoy. As a family-owned business, the DUX Collection strives to create personal and bespoke experiences throughout our range of uniquely scented soy candles that are sure to leave lasting memories.

Shop exquisite soy candles in Australia from the DUX Collection

Easy to mix, match and combine, our exquisite range of scented soy candles will transform your space into a soothing oasis. Enjoy your favourite DUX products for less and sign up to our subscription list, or visit us in-store at our historic location on Playfair Street in the heart of the Rocks. If you have any questions about how to buy our candles online, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and our friendly staff will be delighted to help.