Whether you’re looking to transform your space into a more relaxing and soothing environment or you want to enhance your area with a calming aroma, the DUX Collection reed diffuser sticks are the way to go.

Reed diffusers are very easy to use. Simply insert your selected reeds into a glass bottle of scented diffuser oil. Then the reeds will soak up the scent and naturally disperse a pleasant aroma throughout your home, creating a tranquil environment.


The delightful benefits of reed diffuser sticks

Our reed diffusers are known to relax the mind and evoke an ambience that suits your mood. Whether that’s one of peace and serenity or of lively energy ultimately depends on the fragrance you choose.

In fact, studies have shown that reed diffusers can help improve your sleep, mood, focus and memory. Placing diffuser sticks in certain oils such as lemongrass, spearmint, or rosemary may help increase your productivity. 

Long-lasting and portable, you can place a reed diffuser with sticks anywhere in your home and even move it between different rooms as the mood changes. The gorgeous hand-cut glassware and luxurious presentation of DUX’s reed diffusers give them a high-end appearance — making them a welcome addition to any home or work environment.

Moreover, our Australian-made reed diffusers contain no alcohol or dangerous fumes and are completely non-toxic. They infuse a subtle scent throughout your space and are gentle to the nose, which is ideal for adding just a touch of serenity to your life.

Discover our signature Australian-made reed diffuser fragrances

Crafted with premium essential oils skillfully combined by our talented aromatherapist team, our reed diffusers are designed to provide your environment with specific aromas in a subtle but noticeable way. Choose a relaxing scent that will transport you back to a seaside holiday, like our On The Beach reed diffuser. Or find an invigorating fragrance, like My Herb Garden or Awakening, to boost your mood and productivity. Refresh any room with reed diffuser Australian Bush Walk or instil a calm atmosphere with our Reflections scent. With many more exclusive fragrances to choose from, all equally vibrant and well-balanced, filling your home with captivating smells has never been easier. 

Reed diffuser sticks that are wonderful for you and good for the world

While our reed diffusers with sticks have delightful benefits for you and your living spaces, we are also fully committed to ensuring that they are sustainable for the wider environment. This is why, at DUX, we carefully source all our raw materials from reputable farmers, sustainable farmers and certified suppliers. 

Whenever possible, we prefer supplies that showcase Australia’s beauty and uniqueness and can be reused. Determined to offer you some of the best reed diffusers in Australia, you can count on the oils, glassware and presentation boxes to be of superior and eco-friendly quality. Please consider repurposing the glass jar and wooden box in your home to prolong their life.

Although reed diffuser sticks are relatively inexpensive, you can reuse them by purchasing reed diffuser refills instead of a new diffuser. We also strongly encourage you to take a look at our reef diffuser refills, so you can keep enjoying your chosen fragrance for longer.

Shop the best reed diffusers Australia wide 

Our Australian-made reed diffusers are 98% naturally derived, and our team is committed to only using premium quality ingredients and essential oils to craft the most delicious and captivating fragrances.

This is why we believe that there truly is no better range of reed diffusers in Australia. When you shop at DUX Collection, you are supporting a small local business with big values. Life is all about embracing small joys, and we would love nothing more than to have our reed diffuser sticks be a happy element in your daily life. 

Take advantage of our easy and convenient shipping from wherever you are in Australia or the world. And if you are in Sydney, feel free to pop in in our Sydney boutique, located in the Rocks. Whichever way you prefer to shop, be reassured that you will receive a 5-star experience. 

Try our premium reed diffusers today and shop now for your heavenly scent online or in-store.