What Makes DUX Room Sprays Unique?

July 09, 2021

Room Sprays

When you first experience the beautiful fragrance of a DUX Room Spray you might be wondering what makes this Room Spray so unique? We've put together a list of 3 reasons why DUX Room Sprays are unique. 

1. Hand Blended In Sydney

A DUX Room Spray is hand blended by co-founder Dr Nevillie Nolly. Neville loves to create inspired blends that uplift the body and mind. As a dentist, Neville understands the chemistry behind blending the perfect  essential oil fragrance for relaxation, focus and sleep. Combined with his artistic background he is able to create fragrances that not only smell beautiful but provide a lasting aromatic effect. 

2. 100% Pure Essential Oils

When using essential oils it is important that it is of  the highest quality. DUX Collection uses the highest grade essential oils in their Room Sprays. We do not use synthetic  fragrances or essence  of essential oils when blending  our Room Sprays. By using pure essential oils we provide our customers with superior fragrance and benefits derived from essential oils. 

3. DUX Room Sprays Are Versatile

Our DUX Room Sprays can be used in many different ways making them very versatile. Our Room Sprays can be used as a bed linen to add a refreshing or calming scent to your bedroom, as a body mist so that you can carry your essential oil fragrance on you for the entire day or as a room mist to add an extra layer of aroma to any space.  

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