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Sunset and Roses roll on Parfum


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Fragrance Notes

Green lily
Blossom Roses

Fragrance Inspiration

The perfume aroma captures the delicate nature of rose petals, a mark of romance, warmth and beauty, uniquely transformed into an intrepid fragrance that can be worn by anyone. 

The outcome is an alluring mix of femininity and masculinity of floral notes, coupled with citrus and fruity fragrances leaving a chorus of warm, sweet and musky with notes of green-grapefruit, seaweed, green lilly-blossom, cedarwood and vitiver. Your personal fragrance leaving those you encounter with a whiff of mystery.  

Instructions for Use

To use a perfume rollerball, gently roll the applicator over pulse points like wrists, neck, and behind ears. Allow a moment for the fragrance to meld with your skin's warmth. Avoid excessive pressure, as a little goes a long way. Reapply as desired for a subtle, lasting scent. Test a small section of skin before application on delicate areas. Keep away from children and avoid contact with eyes. 

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