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Candle Store In Sydney

The scent and aromas you burn in your home can dictate your mood, whether calming, relaxing or energising. Here at DUX Collection, we'll take you to a dreamy place you've always imagined with our soothing candle scents that create an oasis of comfort and luxury. From fruity sweet french pear flavours to candles with strong lemongrass notes, our collection of premium, handmade candles will turn your abode into a sacred space.

Scented candles for every home 

Our candle shop in Sydney holds a collection of luxurious handmade glass candles that create an ambience of peace and serenity. Scented candles can also provide you with the following:

  • Adds uniqueness and charm to your home as it's a personal choice. Create the home you've always wanted with our scented candles and relax as you bask in the aroma of relaxation and peace.
  • Nothing sets the mood like lighting a candle. It's warm and welcoming and can even brighten up your space, which is perfect for welcoming guests.
  • It relieves stress and improves your mood. They say when food smells good, it makes you happy; the same applies to candles.
  • It adds positive vibes, as the smell is closely associated with our feelings and emotions. The moment your space smells like a DUX scented candle, your mood and energy will be brightened.
  • Allows you to indulge in self-care. Read a book, make a cup of tea and light your candle to fill your space with soft and subtle scents that cleanse and unravel your senses.
  • Adds a touch of romance for your special loved one. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or want to make them feel extra special after a long day at work, light a DUX soy scented candle to create the perfect ambience for them to come home to.
  • It makes for the perfect gift. If you're unsure or stuck on what to gift a loved one, you can always opt for a Gift & Sets Pack from DUX. Beautifully presented, you don't have to worry about wrapping it either. 
  • It suits the season and can rekindle memories that match the time of year, from summertime lavender scents to smoky and warm winter Moroccan souk.

Whether you love your bathroom smelling like strawberries or prefer your kitchen to bask in the aromas of vanilla, here's a list of places you can leave your candle to burn safely for hours on end. 

  • Coffee table — Place and light your candle in the middle of your coffee table to brighten up your living space and welcome guests into your home with soothing and subtle scents that are sure to impress.
  • Entryway table — Add a sense of ‘home sweet home' by placing your candle on your entryway table so it can start to bask your home with decadent smells.
  • Bedside table — Read your book, watch a movie and nod off while smelling sweet and soft scents that relax your mind, body and soul.  
  • Outdoor entertainment area — If you're having dinner under the stars, a scented candle can set the mood as you entertain guests.
  • Bathroom — Light your candle, run a warm bubble bath and soak the day away.
  • Kitchen — Cook dinner with your aromatic candle bellowing subtle scents of blackcurrant and plum. Invigorate your senses and unwind as you cook the perfect meal. 

Visit our candle store in Sydney or shop online 

Get ready to invigorate your senses and try our premium products by shopping online or visiting our Rocks, Sydney location. Our small, family-owned business focuses on creating products, ranging from pure essential oils to perfume and skincare products, to help people unwind, relax, and find a moment of stillness in their busy lives. If you're ready to try our luxurious candles, you can shop online now and receive your delivery in no time. For any shipping or delivery queries, contact our team for more information.