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Australian Bush Walk - Eucalyptus - Reed Diffuser Refill


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Fragrance Notes

Eucalyptus, pine, green grass and herbal citrus notes of lemon fragrance.

Fragrance Inspiration 

You were told never to enter the Australian bush at night, but everything looks more intriguing under the moonlight sky. The mystifying aroma of the pine bark and eucalyptus intoxicates you as you walk beneath the towering trees which cast long shadows on the damp green grass and early shoots of green leaves. Fortunately you know this path well and finding your way back is easy, for you can now smell the mouth watering citrus and lemon pie wafting from home.


Refills - 200mL

Our Reed Diffusers are hand blended in the Rocks, Sydney Australia, using premium blended fragrance oils that are alcohol free, providing a long lasting fragrance.